Hortense Event Solutions - Events and More Services
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Welcome Receptions

Give your guests a warm greeting by hosting a welcome reception. Choose an atmosphere of elegance, liveliness, or professionalism, and our dedicated team will produce the “best of the best.” Hortense Event & Conference Center even provides exclusive décor for your event.

Themed Events

Take a break from the real world and daydream for a while. What better way to do this than organizing a themed event? Let your guests feel like they’re relaxing on the beach for a day. What about revisiting another decade, like the ’80s or ’90s? No worries! You bring the vision, we’ll bring the vibe, and your guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Award Galas

People love to be acknowledged for their hard work and accomplishments. At Hortense Event & Conference Center, we are committed to making your award gala memorable—from our magnificent centerpieces to our superb stage sets—so your special occasion is guaranteed to be one to remember.


Whether you are celebrating a special holiday or a significant occasion, Hortense Event & Conference Center will get your party going! Graduations, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and after parties are just a few of the many services we offer. Our original designs and attention to detail will have your party guests raving for a long time.

Exclusive Gatherings

If you need to host a special group— whether there are 50 or 350 guests—Hortense Event & Conference will provide an intimate setting and the right atmosphere for all attendees. The affair will be, of course, spectacular.


We understand that a wedding is a special and important day in the lives of our customers. Therefore, we guarantee that our team is committed to making your special day one to remember.

Corporate Events

Whether you are celebrating a special holiday or an annual company awards function, we guarantee that our team is committed to making your employees raving for a long time.

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